To build meaningful
relationships with independent charities and nonprofits to help them reach goals and expand within their communities.


“It’s the McCarthy FAMILY foundation in so many more ways than name. It’s something that will be carried forward with our children and hopefully theirs. It’s a beautiful continuation of what my parents instilled in me.”

 - Mike McCarthy,

Super Bowl-Winning Coach and Head Coach for the Dallas Cowboys


Giving back is at the heart of the McCarthy Family Foundation. In recognizing its vast platform and network, the MFF understands it can truly make a difference by helping others. Choosing to help small nonprofits is about making an impact where it counts—the community—because it’s where people live, relationships strengthen, and foundations are built for future generations to thrive and succeed.


There isn’t a day that goes by that Mike and I don’t acknowledge our blessings bestowed on our family and we are grateful to pay it back - and forward - to communities that have given so much to us.”

- Jessica McCarthy.

The definition of Family always meant everything to Jessica and Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy, but it deepened when they fell in love and grew their family by five.


Super Bowl winning head coach Mike McCarthy grew up in a home where giving back wasn’t what they did - it was WHO they were. With a father who worked in public safety and a mother who worked for the state, Mike and his four siblings grew up working to make their Pittsburgh community stronger. Whether it was in athletics, politics, or fundraising, the entire family was always a part of giving back.

The McCarthy Family Foundation continues that giving spirit.

Both Jessica and Mike were raised with the teaching, “to whom much is given, much will be required.” However, they came to realize what they once thought was a responsibility, is actually a privilege.


I was blessed to have great parents, youth coaches and teachers who all helped guide me on the path from my Pittsburgh neighborhood of Greenfield to Dallas Texas,” said Coach McCarthy. “What a joy to be able to help others in need as they create and travel their own paths. It is a way to say thank you for what so many others have done for me, Jess, and our family.”

“There is no right or wrong definition. Family is Family. Welcome to ours.”

- Jessica, Mike, Alex, Jack, George, Gabrielle and Isabella McCarthy

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